09 May 2010

Procrastination: Making a Bachelorette Party Cake

Helped to throw and attended my first bachelorette party for an engaged friend.

As if I didn't feel old enough with graduation coming up so soon.

I took it upon myself to create this (lovely? maybe?) cake for the bride-to-be. The reaction by most was "that's a cake?!"

Please oh please don't let me end up on CakeWrecks for this one.

Devil's food "bed," angel food "pillows," fruit roll-up "quilt", and Barbie and Ken.

Talk about a recipe for disaster.


  1. good luck with that! hope you get it as pretty and un-cake-like but awesomely yummy as the pic!
    post up some pics of the finished product!(:

  2. Hey, Xin'en! That actually is the finished product :)

  3. oooh! PRETTY! u shld be very proud of yourself!